Code to Well-Being | Equinoxes and the Equality Field, 21st September 2021


As we walk through life with the human body, biasness of experience may influence all ways of our life in thoughts, emotions, and actions. This biasness may arise from experiential emotions, ingrained memories in our DNA through ancestral or lineage trauma, ingrained karma through the reconciled births that is sitting as a huge mega chip of storage in our very atomic cells and further enhanced through the hormonal influence of the natural biology of the body towards a masculine or feminine perception of thought conditioning that alters between the lower pituitary and pineal glands.

The earth year or otherwise known as Karma Bhoomi year in some religious or spiritual texts do refer to the year starting from the month of the Spring Equinox juncture which is typically March 21st of every year. There are 2 Equinoxes and 2 Solstices that will occur every year to give all of humanity a field of external support to balance our internal equilibrium of these polarities and work through our life lessons and progression. These days of Equinoxes are non-bias towards any polarities of the universal atomic structure neither are these dates bias towards any spiritual consciousness. The famous Easter which, I believe, is not coincidental to also be around March / April though many religious authorities may argue about this. There are some rooted alternative ancient Christian texts that indicate Easter came about from an ancient traditional celebration which is so-called as “Pagan Celebration”, rooted in a time of celebrating the fertility of the soil or land that is provided as nourishment from God or Universal Grace. In an era where everyone proclaims about liberal thinking and respecting each other’s beliefs and doctrines, how are we even to achieve this if we don’t break the very fundamental of historic interpretations if we are walking towards Universal Values and Respect. 

Now coming back to our point of discussion, Equinoxes and Solstices are points for equator or equilibrium line that is perceived invisible but it’s the very anchoring principles of the Aura’s spiritual growth and the gateway given by the universe to work through our Karmic nature or spiritual self. These days are theocratically a higher force in our mind, body, and soul progression fields than even the magnetic influence of the Moon. If the moon influences strongly our biology in the body, the Equinoxes influence our biology in thoughts and words.

These days are Universal gifts for us to enhance our spiritual practices that yields so much more effort into our KARMIC PIGGY BANK than other days. We all have come with a karmic piggy bank whether we want to accept it or not, how else do you explain the current circumstances humanity is at. This karmic piggy bank at the time of birth either was negative or may have had some residual Mercy which we could have used it up unknowingly to the life conduct. This karmic piggy bank most probably is in an unhealthy state. Our thoughts, words, and actions as well as our life purpose alignment determine how much we put in and how much we take out every second of our living life.

This September 20th to 21st is not only a Full Moon Day that is higher in Magnetic influence but also the Autumn Equinox, as one can use these days in the simplicity of prayerful or meditative life thus reducing the harsh impact of emotional correction. The opposite can be true if, for some who dwell on such high state of emotional clinging, it can be a day of extreme harsh experience. Below is a conversion of actions for the human mind to compute.

These are the comparison of observing these dates with your respective belief methodology:

  • Ordinary days meditation or prayers, yields 1 to 1 (Conversion in an assumption of human life days)
  • Special Days, yields 1 to 100 (Conversion in an assumption of human life days)

These days are best avoided to have unhealthy social interactions especially so for the feminine polarities who will tend to take inwards all external emotions into their fields.

We are here to honour and understand the metaphysical nature of how Yin and Yang or Masculine and Feminine polarities work. Therefore, the feminine biology (the very source of motherhood) needs to be given extra care, conditioning, and the necessary precautions understanding how these polarities work that can affect our mental wellness. We must honour and respect feminine biology as well as the womb of creation.  Irrespective of polarities neither gender, all will be impacted on an emotional field on these days. The level of impact to withstand it or being abstract from these days depends on our actions, our mental state, our external conditioning, and our spiritual capacity.

If you want to know for yourself the impact of cosmology and mental wellness, you need to start taking journals on significant dates. Upon analysis, you will find data trends of certain moon days or astronomical days, we have witnessed this with our clients, and we have an entire algorithm permuted on data trends on this.

We are not here to create and design our destiny freely anymore. Sadly, as many coaches and influencers are speaking about, we are here to walk our destiny in alignment with our Soul purpose and in Compliance to Universal Laws. How do you know if you are in alignment with your life purpose? (Please read the article and ask yourself the 5 basic criteria.) Flow with the Universal Laws and let the universe surprise you in every turn, this we have personally witnessed and is the path towards least resistance to success even in the time of chaos.

Note: I would personally treat these days with such respect like the biblical connotations of the Sabbath……these are what I would do: -

  • Set aside at least 30 minutes in prayer or meditation at dawn or dusk, preferably when the pranic energy is highest and the natural mental level of mother nature is calm which is about 3:00 am to 4:30 am.
  • Indulge in congregational prayers or meditation if available, reading or listening to enlightened souls’ messages through book or fellowship. Singing of hymns or mantras or spiritual songs.
  • Eat healthy vegetarian or highly Satvik or Energetic foods.
  • Be disciplined with your Time throughout your day not forgetting your day-to-day responsibilities and tasks while incorporating balancing your day with 4-fold aspects of life; Prayer/Meditation, Wisdom Seeking, Selfless Service to others or Mother Nature, Yoga or movements, dancing, walking.
  • Practise chastity, abstinence from alcohol, smoking, gambling.
Amoraea Flame by Malini, Redefining Mental Well-Being