Code to Well-Being | Reflection, Success and Serendipity

A stroke of luck, they say when most people are surprisingly greeted by good luck incidents. It’s Universal Grace, I say, when every incident in life is actually pre-orchestrated. This I mean both the good and the perceived bad. Failure and success are 2 opposite of the coin. It’s the manner of how we address a so-called failure. Upon introspection, you will come to realize it has been your greatest gift.

Like a toroidal field, our life spins in motion of movement, whether we move in the zone of the spinning direction with success and perceived failure, you will begin to understand that the perceived failure has been your biggest success IF you move in the direction of the spinning, dependent on the current space in the timeline construct you are positioned at.

How do we determine if the perceived failure and success has brought us towards the purpose of the timeline we position ourselves in, 5 basic identification criteria:

  • Did you learn all you need to learn with the right competency and skill sets for the next steps of where you are going?
  • Are you able to rectify perceived failure steps and be in a position of awareness, understanding and knowing that there is certainty in the now moment?
  • Were you able to increase the depth of faith, hope and courage in the now moment?
  • Have you been surprised by the universe repeatedly in Grace, Abundance, Opportunities, Possibilities and Certainty?
  • Do you have all that you have now that is sufficient for the next now phase?

If you don’t have the above 5 identification criteria, I would advise that you stop all that you do and introspect your life and evaluate if you are going against the current of your life purpose flow. For without this alignment, all tools of Business, Education, Competency, Abundance, Knowledge, Assets and many more will start to be removed from your life. It’s important for all of us to introspect this.

Our Purpose is the fundamental connection (static) of Well-Being and Abundance. When our Purpose is in alignment, it will change Well-Being to Connector (dynamic) of Abundance in Health including Mental Wellness, Wealth and Relationship.

And this is the truest meaning of Serendipity to know yourself that will yield Bliss and Peace is a journey in this spinning toroidal field and so too the Vedas described this as Sat (Truth) - Chit (Existence) - Ananda (Bliss).

Amoraea Flame by Malini, Redefining Mental Well-Being.