Education on Well-Being

  • Code to Well-Being | Equinoxes and the Equality Field, 21st September 2021

    As we walk through life with the human body, biasness of experience may influence all ways of our life in thoughts, emotions, and actions. This biasness may arise from experiential emotions, ingrained memories in our DNA through ancestral or lineage trauma, ingrained karma through the reconciled births that is sitting as a huge mega chip of storage in our very atomic cells and further enhanced through the hormonal influence of the natural biology of the body towards a masculine or feminine perception of thought conditioning that alters between the lower pituitary and pineal glands.

  • Code to Well-Being | Reflection, Success and Serendipity

    A stroke of luck, they say when most people are surprisingly greeted by good luck incidents. It’s Universal Grace, I say, when every incident in life is actually pre-orchestrated. This I mean both the good and the perceived bad. Failure and success are 2 opposite of the coin. It’s the manner of how we address a so-called failure. Upon introspection, you will come to realize it has been your greatest gift.
  • Code to Well-Being | Ecliptic Plane and Wellness

    Most people live day in and day out so ignorant and uneducated that the body is a bio-electrical field. Educating one on the fundamentals of life may be the most important factor to help humanities’ mental well-being first and foremost.
    For the last 12 years, I have come across many healers and healing practitioners and made acquaintances either through meditation or spiritual groups from Cape Town to Switzerland and Malaysia.